The queen, not Elizabeth

I’m referring to Reba, queen of Pinewood and shadow of mine.

I bought Reba years ago from another breeder. She was a young adult. I think around two years of age. It took her a while to warm up as she was and still can be very stoic. But once she figured out this was home, her playful side came out. And I became her person.

She doesn’t like when I leave and gets very vocal when I pull into the driveway, standing on the back of the couch looking out the front window and barking until I walk through the door. Then she jumps up and down and excitedly greets me.

On the rare occasion that I leave for more than a day (like the occasional  visit out of state to see my family), she has, in the past gone three days without eating her food. Then I guess she finally decides enough is enough and starts eating.

But as she’s aged and lost most of her hearing she has gotten more upset and anxious when I leave. Actually it’s only been the past couple of weeks that I’ve noticed it escalate. She follows me everywhere. Even if I run out to the garage to get something and come right back or go out into the yard to work, I can hear her in the house barking.

The other day it was decent outside. Although overcast and not real warm, it was the last day of fair weather in the forecast. So hubby and I set out to clean up the garden and wrap up some yard work before winter truly sets in.

And as usual, as soon as I headed out to the yard, Reba starting barking in the house. I made several trip in and out of the house and garage as I kept thinking of things I needed out in the garden and finally decided to just let her out with me.

It wouldn’t have been possible to pick these teeny tomatoes with gloves but I guess I could’ve worn them to pull all those tomatoes plants out. Hehe

Getting the garlic planted.

Now to take care of these things.

We got a lot done and my little furry supervisor was right there with me for hours. We finally wrapped things up and went inside for a late lunch/early dinner as Reba was starting to shiver. Poor girl. But she didn’t want to leave her mama!



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