Eight weeks and counting

We only have a few more days with our Signed, Sealed and Delivered litter. (It’s a Hallmark movie series if you don’t recognize the title. I highly recommend it too! )

Yep, Sky’s pups turned eight weeks old today and they are scheduled to go home this Sunday. Well, except Rita. Her mom couldn’t meet us that day, but I also wanted to make sure Rita was a good weight before she left too. So it worked out fine for her to stay a bit longer.

Tomorrow they go in for their check-ups and we’ll share about that too. The rest of the week will be busy as we continue working on crate training, potty training and just having fun with them before they go.

Saturday night will be baths and beauty treatment. Then we’ll be off early Sunday morning! I’m sure the rest of this week will fly by.

But for now, here are our eight-week-old “portraits”. (Yes, at this age it’s easier to hold them for pictures as they don’t sit still long enough for our regular photo shots). 😉



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  1. Jaci says:

    Do you have any cavapoo puppies?

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