You’re probably wondering

Since we don’t have any puppies right now you may be wondering if there are any coming or what our plans are.

Well, we do not have any dogs confirmed pregnant. In fact, I wanted a little break so some who came in season have been skipped.

I’ll be honest, even though we still have a large number of people on our waiting list, I’m not getting much response from most of them when we’ve had puppies available. We’ve had several litters with “leftover” (unmatched) puppies. Thankfully, when I’ve shared about those available puppies, they have been quickly matched with wonderful families.

A few years back I would have twenty plus people from the waiting list interested in each litter. Now I’m lucky if I get five or six. Times are changing. But I’m grateful for all the people who have and are still reaching out wanting a Pinewood puppy!

And I’m also grateful that about one-quarter are repeat adopters (Yippee!) who are back on the list for a second pup. I don’t have time expectations on them. Whenever they’re ready for another is fine. It’s the people who excitedly get on and are basically inactive. Although I also understand that sometimes life’s plans change. In this time “off” from puppies, I will be reaching out to those people (that are not repeat adopters), to make sure they still want to be on it.

Although I have inquiries every week wondering when I’m going to reopen the list and take new applications.

I won’t be reopening the list until I can make contact with those on the list and see where we are number-wise. I just don’t want a large unmanageable list.

But any news I have will be shared here for sure!

The next litter in the works is another purebred Cavalier litter possibly appearing around the end of the year. And hopefully we’ll have a Cavapoo litter after that in the first part of 2023. Fingers crossed!

And since there are not any puppies here now, and I can’t keep making posts just about Presley (lol), if anyone has any blog post topic suggestions or they’d like to email me a Pinewood puppy update, I’d be grateful.

Hello from these goobers!


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8 Responses to You’re probably wondering

  1. Vicki says:

    Jennifer glad you are able to take a break from puppies. Curious how important it is to teach my Willow (Cavapoo) to walk on leash. I don’t think I will be taking her for walks in my neighborhood. Just thinking about that.

  2. Samantha says:

    Can hardly wait to get one of your puppies. Waiting with excitement.

  3. Zaya says:

    Yes definitely still eagerly waiting to put in an application. We’re looking to add a Cavapoo puppy to our family summer or early fall of 2023, so just being patient for now. I’d personally love to read posts about how you choose your mother / father dogs, things you look for to make sure they’re a good fit to breed, how many litters a mother goes through, if you think personality is genetic, the decisions you make to be an ethical breeder, red and green flags for dog breeders in general, and past Cavapoo puppies with current pictures!

    • Sorry, our applications are closed at this time. I can’t guarantee a puppy by summer of next year even if you were already on the list. Thanks for the blog post idea. Although a lot of those decisions are just based on an individual dog basis. I think character traits can be genetic and passed on just like in humans. If you search “Pupdate” on the blog or go to our “Testimonials” page you will see lots of dogs as puppies and now grown 🙂 Thanks!

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