Only Presley

Well, it’s kind of quiet around here without any puppies to tend too. Although Presley is puppy enough to keep me on my toes and busy with puppy training, house breaking and teaching the cutie pie to be a mannerly citizen.

Instead of pulling a couple toys out of the toy box to play with, I’ve been giving him the whole box to chose his own. The problem is he’s pulled out half of the box! And I’ve yet to teach him to pick up his toys on his own.

I can’t believe he’s already four months old. He sure is a happy, sweet, playful boy! Of course, he is a Cavalier, so that all makes sense.

Although there may be an issue in him becoming a future dad here. If both of his family jewels don’t show up (and they really should both be in place by now, but I can only find one) we will be making him available to a pet/companion home. I’m just not ready to let him go yet as I want to give him plenty of time to “mature” and hope what needs to happen has time to.

If that things don’t fall into place 😉 it will be a sad day for us, but he will sure brighten up someone else’s life.

(oops I woke him up)❤️

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