Little “pupdates”

I posted on our private Facebook group if anyone would like to share an update on their Pinewood pup since it’s kind of quiet around here and I don’t have a lot of material for blog posts. Some shared bigger updates and some just shared cute pictures with a caption. I’ll share those here and in the next few days will be sharing the ones which were more extensive. Enjoy!

Dexter had a wonderful thanksgiving resting and eating turkey and whipped cream

Bear with his brothers and foster sisters! Lots of action here over Thanksgiving and we had a blast!!

We had a house full this Thanksgiving. 10 people and one of the family brought their 5 month old Shih tzus puppy. Cammi was exhausted by dinner

Charlie enjoying grandmas golf cart on a trip to AZ!

Lilo is almost 3 years old from the apple litter!

I made Bagel train

Teddy and Auggie living their best lives and chilling out after dinner!

Having lots of fun in Nebraska! ❤️ Quinn (formerly Frankie) from the Christmas 2020 litter!

Dasher with little sis and bro, Betty Loo and Opie Joe(Poodles)♥️

Cousin Coop too

Aimee’s Owen (left) and Tucker (right) were reunited on our thanksgiving trip to Denver! They are half brothers and best buddies. They are always so excited to see each other again! Owen loves Tucker so much, that even when we mentioned his name he gets SO excited! They are so cute when they play too.

thanksgiving morning! — saber knows he’s not allowed to chew/bite pixel’s ears but he does it anyway. in this picture, he’s waiting till i everyone leaves the family room so that he can resume, haha! he had just gotten in huge trouble for biting his big brother’s ears and making him cry; saber’s eyes this picture screams “i just want a littttle teeny tiny bite!”

We love updates and pictures of our pups happy in their forever homes! ❤️

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