It’s definitely winter

Those of you who live in Washington or neighboring states are probably in the think of winter too. Yesterday there was a weather warning of incoming snow starting last night into this afternoon. Our area was expected to get around 8-12″ during the storm.

Well, I woke up this morning and though I didn’t measure it, I’m pretty sure we already got a foot an it’s still snowing as I type this!

I’ve got to admit it’s picture postcard beautiful outside!

And my Fitbit says I had 2 hours and 15 minutes of “fat burn” and 42 minutes of “cardio” this morning from chore time…lol!

Before I let any of the dogs out, I had to get the snow shovel and get some paths made for them to go out and potty on. Otherwise we would’ve had some dogs go missing in that deep stuff!

Most of them had fun romping through the deep snow. Thankfully it is really dry and fluffy snow, not wet and heavy. None-the-less the dogs didn’t stay outside long and we’re happy to come inside where it was warm and cookies were waiting for them. <3

Stay safe everyone! How much snow did you get in your area (if you’re in a snow area)?

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