We made it!

Yippee! We made it off the hill and managed to get to our Wednesday vet appointment! Thanks to my hubby, BIL for their snow plow skills.

Down towards the bottom it was plowed pretty narrow. I felt like we were on a bobsled run in a truck!


My SIL went too since we were going to do some shopping in town and trying to cram everything in one day. Driving in winter is not my favorite thing.

Once you get onto the main highway the roads are better maintained and in pretty good shape. So we arrived safely.

I took the dogs in one at a time as that was easier.

Presley went to get his rabies vaccination and get one more check-up to search for the missing family jewel. 😉
He was so curious about everything in the room.
I had to get this picture with Dr Jessie and her tech. They were the ones who delivered Presley into the world and Dr Jessie has done all his check-ups.
Next it was this little moppet’s turn. This is Raven.
Then handsome Niko had his check-up.
Next came Rumor. He’s so stoic when exams are happening just like mama Reba.
And lastly, it was pretty little Lyric’s turn.

I have to explain the next picture. I’ve been joking with the staff for years that there should be a hospital wing named me after since I’m there so often and “donate” so much money. 😜

Right before I headed out the door, the doc mentioned me to follow her in back to the surgery room to see this

I do have an important machine named after me so I had to get a quick selfie. 😂

And that wrapped up our time at the vet (for hopefully the year). Appreciate all of them and all they do to keep our critters healthy!❤️

Sister and I headed out to finish our shopping and get the pups home. It was a long day but they were all great travelers. Hubby even managed to squeeze five crates into the back seat so they didn’t have share!

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  1. Ahuva Hammer Sarfati says:

    Prayers for Presley. Hope you found 2 sets of Jewels

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