Another sweet update!

“Hi Jennifer,

I’m probably a little late but wanted to jump on the pup update for any time you need content.   Penny (Thumper born February of 21), is a bundle of joy.  We have a black and tan Cavalier, Kash, (looks alot like your new one).  He was one year when we brought Penny home last April.   Penny and Kash are absolutely best buds and totally in love with each other.  She literally chews him up, playful trash talks at him and he just rolls over and takes it.   They chase each other outside (in the snow these days b/c we are local Spokanites) for long periods of play time.   We just took them on a plane to Kansas to see my mom for Thanksgiving and they were absolute angels.  We got so many compliments on them. They are wonderful with our grandkids and bring us so much joy.  We call them “alot of Kash & pretty Penny”.

I’m so glad we have Penny in our world! Thank you. S & J”

Penny was Thumper from our Bambi & friends litter from Hazel and Dickens.

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  1. Dee says:

    Cute little pals. 😊

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