Is she or isn’t she

As most of you know, my plan has been to breed Joy one more time hoping for more girls. Since we just got Shiloh from her last litter and sister Glory gave me our boy Presley who is moving on, I’m really hoping for at least one more girl to help carry on this line.

So I went ahead and bred her to Asher again. But I didn’t catch the first of her cycle so I wasn’t sure where she was at in it when we bred her.

We went ahead and did an ultrasound but since I’m no professional I couldn’t pinpoint for sure if she was pregnant. In fact, I didn’t think she was.

That is until a couple days ago. I looked at her and said, “Joy, your belly is getting round”. And everyday she seems to grow bigger. So much for my ultrasound skills.

So we’re either going to have Cavalier babies after Christmas or she’s eating way to much!

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  1. Jerda Antoinette Smeltzer says:

    Congratulations! They are going to be beautiful!

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