The little man

Joy and her boy are doing pretty well. The pup lost some weight after birth which happens sometimes. It took him a few days to start putting weight back on. I imagine it was the stress of his rough delivery. He just needed to get over that initial hump and start putting on weight, which is he finally doing. He was 11.2 ounces at birth, but he’s not near as chubby as Presley was at this point. Fingers crossed he doesn’t grow as big as his cousin/brother. 😉

Mom has plenty of milk, they are parked next to the wood stove so their crate (which I cover with a blanket) is cozy. I put a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel for him to cuddle next too should he get too far away from mom (although mom tends to get to warm and want to dig up her bed and lie on the bottom of the plastic crate). He lets me know if he’s not happy or if mom messed up the bed and he ended up under it. He just needed to get over that initial hump and start putting on weight, which he has finally done.


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  1. Vicki says:

    Thanks for the update, glad both mom and puppy are doing well

  2. TheDogGod says:

    This got My attention
    This is such a heartwarming story! It’s great to hear that Joy and her pup are doing well despite some initial challenges. It’s clear that the mom is taking great care of her little one, and the hot water bottle is a nice touch to keep him extra cozy. I’m sure he’ll continue to thrive with such a loving and attentive mom!
    Thanks – TheDogGod –

  3. TheDogGod says:

    Great Post
    The article discusses the health and progress of a newborn puppy and its mother. The puppy lost weight after birth, but has since started gaining weight again. The author attributes the initial weight loss to the stress of the puppy’s difficult delivery. The puppy’s current weight is not as high as his cousin/brother’s weight at the same age, and the author hopes that he does not grow as big. The mother has plenty of milk, and the puppy and mother are kept warm next to a wood stove in a cozy crate covered with a blanket. The author also places a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel in the crate for the puppy to cuddle with should he get too far away from his mother. Overall, the article shows the care and attention given to newborn puppies and their mothers to ensure their health and well-being.
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  4. TheDogGod says:

    affectionate Pomeranian, loves to cuddle

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