Presley update!

Since so many of you have watch Presley grow up the first six months of his life at our house, I thought maybe you’d like an update from his new mom.

“Presley has been doing well since he came to live with us. We picked him up on CHRISTmas day. He has acted like he has been with us all his life, Cuddy and warm. Presley is learning his manners on sitting and being calm, which is hard for him to do. He plays with my sons 4yr old Chesapeake, Shiloh and boxes with him, it is cute to watch. Shiloh is 75lbs of muscle and treats Presley so gently. Lizzy, my 8yr old Cavalier, has warmed up to him and had been playing with him. It has been very good for her to have a playmate again. All in all he is a dream come true of finding a nother puppy like our Quigley, who passed away last May. Thank you Jennifer.”

I’d say he’s living the life of Riley!❤️


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