Aussalier list update

Well, I have done a blog post and sent emails for both our Aussalier and our Cavapoo waiting lists. This post will be a follow-up regarding the Aussaliers. I’ll have news about the Cavapoo waiting list a bit later.

I heard from about 50% of the people on the list and the answers varied from…

  • “please remove me we found a puppy elsewhere”
  • “I want a smaller Aussalier”
  • “please keep me on the list, but I’m not ready for a puppy until….. summer,….. for 1-3 years,…… not sure when, or…… I still have to convince my husband that we need a second dog” (not sure why that last one is even on the list IMO)

In a nutshell, that means nobody is ready for an Aussalier right now. Quinn will turn three years old this spring. I don’t feel it’s right for her to just sit here waiting until we have enough people ready for her to have a litter. Plus the more heat cycles she goes through without being bred, the more chance she has of developing pyometra (a uterine infection) which means an emergency spay. I would love to keep her as a pet, but I already have too many pets/retired dogs here. She deserves a fun family to be spoiled by.

It’s been a fun few years. We’ve met some great people, produced some amazing Aussaliers but it looks like it’s the end of the road for us producing anymore Aussaliers.


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  1. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    My little heart is slightly crushed, but completely understand. I love that you always put the health and well being of your dogs first. Quinn will no doubt have an amazing forever home.

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