Journey and Joy have graduated to a puppy pen. He was starting to move around more and peeing all over his rug/bed. So it was time to move them into the puppy pen and introduce him to his first litter box.

He looks a bit lost in there at first with all that space.

If you’ve followed our blog for a while, you’ll know that we first introduce puppies to a litter box by using the flat commercial litter box called a UGOdog. It’s a tray with a grate on top. It’s perfect for this age puppy. Because puppies don’t like to normally soil where they sleep, they will move away from their bed. The UGOdog is about the same level as the bed and takes up about half of the puppy pen, while the bed takes up the other half. So all Journey or any puppy has to do its toddle off their bed and they are on the UGOdog.

It’s a natural option for puppies and starts the potty training process at just three and a half to four weeks of age!

Most of the time he is snuggled with mom or with his stuffed animal.

Where’s the puppy? 😉


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