Things just fell into place and yesterday Niko went to his new forever home. We’re sad to see our sweet, curious boy go, but thrilled that he has landed into such a sweet family. And glad that there are now a little less male hormones raging through the boy club here. 😉

It was a beautiful morning, although briskly cold!

And his new family were “sort of” in the area so I was able to drive and meet them only about thirty minutes from my house.

His new “paw-rents” fell in love instantly and he seemed to be very enamored with them too.

Later in the day after they arrived home, I got an update.

“Hi Jennifer,

Niko was a little stressed on the drive and he threw up a few times (poor baby) but Michael ended up sitting in the back seat with him and he settled down. We got home and had the 2 dogs meet in the front driveway because that’s a neutral place and it couldn’t have gone better. They sniffed and were fast friends! I’m so happy! Here they are sitting for a cookie! 
Thanks again! I will keep you posted on his progress! 

Have a happy life, Niko!❤️

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