The redheads

Sasha’s boys turned three weeks old yesterday. They are strong, vigorous puppies; growing and changing. They are hearty eaters and keep mom busy providing nourishment to their sturdy bodies. They are toddle around their house and are getting much more active! All their eyes are open which gives their cute faces a whole new look. Now comes the fun, active puppy stage!

And our strong, sturdy redheads needed fitting names, so meet our little Vikings 😉

“Erik” (blue collar)

1# 13 oz

“Sven”(green collar)


“Bjorn” (red collar)

1# 9 oz

“Leif”(tan collar)


“Rune” (orange collar)

1# 13 oz

So far we don’t have any interest in these boys from those on our waiting list. So stay tuned if you are interested in possibly being matched with one of these handsome boys. You will need to be available around or on puppy matching day (Feb 19th) and be able to meet in Spokane to pick up your puppy on delivery day (March 12). We will make an announcement on the blog when we are ready to take applications for them.

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