They moved too

The Vikings have moved also. Since there are five, plus mom, the big crate was getting rather crowded. Especially since they are toddling around and peeing more. It was definitely time for more space and the litter box!

They’re settling in and getting used to their newer, bigger space. Mom is enjoying it too. Now if I can just get them to sleep on the bed! Mom likes to sleep on the potty box since it’s cooler for her with all those warm bodies around. So the silly pups think they should too!


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8 Responses to They moved too

  1. Katharine Harding says:

    Their litter names you choose are always fun & perfect-you have a very creative imagination!

  2. Amanda Cook says:

    Omg how do I adopt a puppy and what is my price gonna look like. I want to get another puppy preferably female’s. I feel like they are so much more affectionate I would love a super light tan one. I also like the ruby color. I have a tri colored almost 4 colors he has 2 different tans a dark brownish red and light tan ..She is so much fun. She always wants to play with my neighbors dogs, I don’t really trust that there bigger then her. is my email please lmk about everything. Thanks so much

  3. Pam Hartsoch says:

    I can’t even get over their cuteness!! If only we wanted a boy. If only we weren’t going to be gone in Feb into March. If only we could get our puppy before Fall!! If only 💗

  4. Pam Hartsoch says:

    I know you don’t have a wait list anymore, but I’m REALLY hoping for a female cavapoo in around September!!!

    • I still have a waiting list it’s just not open at the moment. But we’ll post on the blog when we’re taking more applications or have puppies that might be available 😊

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