Retired in comfort

I just wanted to share a compilation of photos from some of our retired dogs living the life of luxury!

Close friends! 2 retired pinewood moms, resting together ❤️  Rosie & Glory

Smudgie enjoying the couch

Gracie enjoying lap time

Treasure and her big “brother” Huxley the Cavapoo

Mercy with her family and little “brother”Monty.

And an update from her family….”We love our sweet gentle girl. We did rename her Mazie. She loves sleeping, going on long walks, and chasing birds! She’s a great travel buddy and adores the car. She’s my shadow and is never more than a few feet away. Her snoring is absolutely insane, so most nights I have to wear earplugs because I can’t bear to make her sleep alone. I wouldn’t hesitate to adopt another retiree!”

It makes me so happy to see our retirees living their best life with their new families❤️


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