Playful pups!

Our beautiful boys have turned five weeks old. They are getting more playful, interactive and inquisitive. They are using their litter box really well and nibbling on the puppy food. The play area has expanded and I’m trying to introduce them to a variety of things. Mom is still the favorite!

It’s time they moved to the puppy room with more room to explore and play!

3# @ 5 weeks

3# 9 oz

2# 10 oz

3# 4 oz

2# 14 oz

We are still taking applications for these guys until Friday at noon. I’ll try to post as many pictures and videos of them as I can between now and then for those interested. We will be matching them this weekend, likely starting Friday afternoon and finishing up on Sunday. (I take Saturday off from doggie “business”).

Applications links are here. Please fill out both consecutively and adding your name somewhere in part 2 is super helpful.

Adoption Form-part 1

Adoption Form-part 2

Again if you have any questions please email me at or you can call 509-675-4487.

I would expect these boys to end up in the “average” Cavapoo range as adults, somewhere between 15-20lbs.


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