Well, the moms and pups have moved upstairs to the puppy room. It was time. Around five weeks is about the normal time when we make that transition. The pups need more space and it’s a good time to introduce them to the crate for sleeping and eating in also.

The puppy room is just a big bonus room over our garage which is accessed through the laundry room off the kitchen. At one point in time we set it up for our twin boys when they outgrew their bedroom. When they moved out the puppies took over!

I set up two large puppy pens right next to each other. They have a crate with a bed/blanket which has a short litter box right outside the door. Next to it is a second longer litter box. We want puppies to have quick and easy access to the “bathroom” when they wake up. As they get older and more accurate with the litter boxes, the boxes will be moved to the far corner of the pen.

One for Joy and Journey

One for Sasha and the Vikings

Puppy transporteršŸ‘

Journey is checking out his new, bigger bathroom.

The puppy room has a lot of floor space for playing, which makes it easy to set up toys and obstacles for the puppies’ playtimes.

Opposite of the puppy pens on the other wall is a bank of crates which will eventually get used for individual crate training. Right now, they are getting acclimated  to the crate in their puppy pen where they can nap and eat together. At this age, it’s very easy and uneventful to just close the crate door as the puppies are eating breakfast so I can keep them contained while I clean their litter boxes.

I have lots of toys, and things to introduce the puppies too. My hubby thinks I have too many and likes to tell me so when I drag something new home..hehe. But having a large variety makes it nice because we can swap toys and things out to keep it interesting for the puppies. I like to introduce them to lots of sights, sounds, textures, etc during this socialization period.

I’ve got my handy dandy kitchen cart too. I found it at Costco one year and keep all the small puppy supplies on it; scale, nail clippers, clicker and cheese for training, dewormer and syringes and NuVet and calcium tablets for moms. The table top also makes a nice practice spot for getting the pups used to being handled on a table like they will be at the vet’s or groomers.

Lots of fun times and learning experiences will be coming in the puppy room!

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