The floor was covered

I set the play area up with some different textures and footing for the boys on Friday. They had no problem trying them all out and just climbing all over the place!

We had a couple plastic bath mats with different feels. One has pointy grass-like things and they other one is more like round bubbles. Then I placed a small metal grate on the floor. I also have a water mat (for babies) that I filled with water. It has small floaty things inside that move around when the pups walk on it. They were really intrigued, especially Journey. And then I got all of the plastic turtles out. They are like stepping stones for children to practice their balance on.

The turtles were a bit slippery and since I had so many covering the floor, I decided to throw a blanket over some of them to give the pups better footing. Then it became like little mountains for them to climb.

And before I left to go back downstairs, I decided to crawl in the pen and sit with them which was quite a feat with all those turtles covering the floor. They thought it was great fun climbing all over me and chewing on my shoes, shoelaces and clothing.

Such sweet, silly pups! ❤️

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