Now the fun begins!

This is a really fun age for puppies as they start to get more playful, engaging, curious and adventurous!

I’ve got a smaller play area set up for them outside of Sasha’s play pen extending over to the crates on the opposite wall. I like to keep the play area fairly small to begin with and add quite a few litter boxes. The puppies are still learning about their potty boxes  so we want to set them up for success. If I were to give them too much space at this age, they might be tempted to just pee wherever they are instead of hopping into their box.

I leave the puppy pen door open for the pups to go in and out. Although just their sleeping crate is inside because all the litter boxes are out in the play area. Hubby made a nice ramp for the pups some time ago that slips right in the door area. There is carpet on the ramp for traction too. I use “Snuggles the Snake” (a large stuffed toy snake that I picked up at Value Village years ago) to surround the ramp on the floor. That way as the pups are learning the ropes off going up and down the ramp, should they fall off the side, they land on a nice cushion. But these pups all learned the ramp super quickly!

I have lots of toys and things to introduce the puppies too an swap them out frequently for the puppies. This time we had some hanging, swinging toys, a large one with a door that they were climbing through, some stepping turtles (balance toys for children to step across) and lots of small toys; hard and soft.

I opened up one of the crates and put their food dish in their should they want to rest or nibble on some food while moms were away.

The pups are really have fun playing and exploring their play area!❤️


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