A busy, busy day

Yesterday was a busy day for the puppies and I! Besides getting puppies and paperwork ready for our vet visit in the afternoon, my niece and her hubby stopped by for a visit. My niece grew-up next door but now lives many states away. Her mom is “Sally’s” dog mom (our only Cavapoo in a guardian home. So sweet Sally came too and was a nice new visitor dog for the pups to meet.

The pups started getting sleepy while we chatted.

The kids left (yes, they’re still kids in my mind even though their grown-up, married adults now 😛 ) and I headed to get lunch for the pups and get myself ready for our trip to town.

Precious cargo loaded in the truck!

We made it safely to the vet and put all six in one crate to carry them in. Boy, they are heavy when combined!

Dr Jesse checked each puppy over thoroughly and exclaimed “Perfect!” after each one. (Well, except Journey who has a wee underbite at this age. Which is not uncommon for a smushy-nosed breed as the Cavalier.) But he’s still “perfect” <3

Then while the girls figure out our paperwork and charges, I took the pups outside for a potty break. This is where a pick-up comes in handy. The bed makes a nice, safe playground/potty area for the puppies to get some wiggles out and relieve themselves.

On the way home I made a quick stop at our little grocery store to grab a few things. The pups stayed in their crate in the backseat with a blanket over them. I don’t want people to know there are adorable puppies in my truck. 😉 And it wasn’t too hot or too cold for them to sit in there a few minutes while I ran inside. Another great crate training practice session for them. Then we drove the rest of the way home. The pups were great for the whole travel time. They only fussed a few minutes when we first left home, then settled right down.

By the time we arrived home, it was dinner time. Plus I knew the pups were due for another potty break. So I took them into the backyard again to have an al fresco dinner, potty break and give them a chance to stretch their legs a bit before going inside for the evening.


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