Please leave, winter

Wow, what a winter this has been. And it’s still shows no signs of being over.

Our winters usually start sometime in November. In my mind, Thanksgiving is my starting point for winter as that’s around when we usually get our first snow. And then it comes and goes throughout the winter.

This past November the snow came at the beginning of the month and just kept coming. There were no breaks and no melt-offs. The ground has been covered since then. And normally most of our snow is gone at our house by mid-March (around my twins birthday). Guess what? We still have tons of snow! It has started to melt in patches to give us hope of seeing spring. And then BAM, we get another storm.

Yesterday we had sunshine in the afternoon. But when I woke up early in the morning and looked out the window it was snowing. I mean, it is beautiful to see the flakes gently falling down and covering everything with a frosting. But one does start to get “cabin-fever” and the need to get outside after this many months of winter. And yes, we can go outside, but most of the ground and trails where we walk everyday to do chores or even around where the vehicles are parked is icy and slippery. And when I fall I don’t bounce like I used to πŸ˜›

On the bright side, the earth needs this moisture and winter can’t last forever!

Thankfully, there’s been some nicer days to get the pups outside for a potty/play break. And boy, do they enjoy their time outside.

Good potty, Rune!

We’re free!

Mom, I brought you something!

Puppy Protector

I found my own chewie, mom!

We have a deposit!πŸ‘

By the way, it’s snowing again this morning πŸ˜› But at least we aren’t slammed like poor California! :O


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  1. Michelle Poff says:

    The cutest pics!

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