Do what you can

When you live far from town, it’s sometimes a bit harder to socialize a puppy. There are not quite as many sights and sounds as you would encounter in a town or city, nor the amount of people. Ian Dunbar a popular dog trainer says to introduce your puppy to 100 people before it turns twelve weeks old. I’m pretty sure I don’t know one hundred people in my town and “neighborhood” so I have to do what I can do and use my imagination.

But I do have a little community of people at my church. So today, I loaded Journey up in his crate and took him with me. I left him in his crate in the truck, parked in the shade (although it wasn’t hot out) during church. But as soon as it was time to sing the closing hymn I made my way out to the truck to let him potty. I haul the litter boxes around with for this reason. Granted, our little country church is out in the middle of nowhere and it might be safe to let him potty in the field, but I have seen the neighbors dogs wandering around the church property before so I don’t want to take any chances since Journey is not fully vaccinated yet.

So after he relieved himself I carried him inside and just wandered around to see if anyone wanted to meet and pet him. Of course, several people did. Lots of the children were especially excited to love on him.

So another socializing experience in the books. And one Journey thoroughly enjoyed, so we’ll have to do it again!


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