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Thursday a friend was taking her horses to the vet and I had told her that I would go and help. I asked if her “boys” (dogs) were going to, because I thought this might be a good socializing experience for Journey and he could hang out in the back seat with her dogs while we tended to the horses and their exams.

So I loaded the little rascal up and we headed to town to meet her (then drive to another town to the vet appointment).

Obie the Aussalier (formerly Rodeo from Oakley’s last litter) wasn’t too sure about this strange canine in his truck! Which meant I couldn’t leave Journey in the truck with Obie and his “brother” so Journey had to be carried around by me the whole time.

Lots of loves from my friends and the vet staff.

“Mom, what is that?”

Hope the horse and Journey are the same color.

Pretty Sonnet

Hope the horse

They’re standing so nicely tied to the trailer but this was before our great adventure of the day. We went inside to check-in at the front desk and came back to find Sonnet untied (it was an old halter and she must’ve pulled back and broke it!) and Hope having a fit because her buddy had left her alone.

Thankfully, the trailer was parked next to an open gate leading to the clinic’s pasture area. And that’s where Sonnet headed since she could see the neighbor’s horses.

My friend Karen (owner of the horses) lead Hope towards the pasture and her friend Maloo went to help catch Sonnet while I looked for an extra halter and quickly closed the gates to keep the horses from escaping, all while holding onto Journey. Thankfully I had just got him latched into my front pack. Although it was a bit too small for him, it still helped contain his activity and gave me at least one free arm.

Karen almost got kicked by the naughty, frisky Hope and then she yanked on poor Karen’s bad shoulder with the lead rope. (Karen, you may remember is my friend who was in a serious four-wheeler accident last year). Thankfully, we got the escapee captured and rehaltered and settled down somewhat by the time the vet came out for their exams.

Thankfully all ended well, and I was so thankful I had my front pack to stick Journey in so I could be of some help with the horses.

All tuckered out.

Ready for a potty break as soon as we got back to my truck. It was a busy afternoon but another good and different experience in Journey’s socialization process!


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  1. Vicki says:

    Jennifer never a dull moment for you. Love hearing your stories and escapades Journey has been exposed to so many things, critters big and small.

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