Dog therapy

My dog therapy classes started again last night. Um, I mean dog obedience. 😉 I enjoy taking a dog through basic obedience and getting out once a week with other dog owners to have a little fun. Our local classes start each April. The trainer usually does a couple days a week and a couple five-week sessions.

I was planning on taking Shiloh as she has hit the teenage stage and really needs the class. But as was going through my records looking for her rabies certificate, because I knew she had gone in for it. (insert face palm). She hadn’t. And I was pretty sure my vet would not be able to get her in that soon as that was a class requirement.

So at the last minute I decided to take Cody. I started a class with Cody last spring, but we only ended up going one week. So he was a good candidate. As I headed to town the sky was changing and it started to rain.

It lightened up as I got close to the fairgrounds where dog class is held. Every year it’s a guess what the weather will do. Some years we have winter coats and hats on. Other years we are in T-shirts or sweatshirts. I found a note on the building near the area where we usually train and found out the teacher had moved class into the ag building because of the rain. Happy day!

It was a bit challenging since it’s indoors on a slick floor and it’s always a bit chaotic and noisy the first week as the dogs are all new to each other. There’s usually at least one barker which proved true this year too. We actually had a couple that liked to bark at the other dogs and one big whiner. Thankfully Cody didn’t make a peep.

He was a good boy, but I could tell he was a bit nervous in this new environment. I look forward to see how he does with this class!

And it was a beautiful drive home.


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