Sometimes puppies have aunties that check on them. If the mom is willing. Some moms are very protective of their babies and don’t want other dogs around. And some moms will actually hurt (or worse) another dog’s puppies. Thankful we’ve not had that issue with our girls. Indy is so chill that she doesn’t care if Joy checks on her babies.

In fact, one day I was putting dogs in crates for dinner and I couldn’t find Joy anywhere. Finally hubby asked if she had gone into Indy’s crate. I was right there when I put Indy and her dish in so I didn’t see how Joy could’ve snuck in too.

But she did.

Likely when I first opened the door to get the dish out to fill it, Joy went in to check on the babies. Then when I put the food and Indy in, Joy likely gobbled up the food and Indy respectfully let her. But there was no fuss, no grumbling, thankfully no commotion or fighting.

Joy was removed from the crate and put in her own. And Indy’s dish was refilled with another dinner (since she likely didn’t get any of it!). Cavaliers are such vacuums when it comes to food!

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