Beds and comfy spots

I have crates and beds around the house. The dogs just make themselves at home and nap where they want.

Of course, the back of the couch is always Joy’s spot of choice. Hope usually finds a empty crate or a corner of the room. Reba prefers the couch or a bed on the floor. There is a big bed that should fit a couple dogs on the floor next to a crate. Reba frequently crashes there for her siestas. Journey tries to cuddle up with her, but she normally grumbles and growls at him. She’s at the age, that she doesn’t care for wiggles, silly puppies.

So I got another little bed out the other day (you may have seen my Facebook post) and set it next to my desk for Journey. Now he doesn’t have to bug Auntie Reba.

Then this happened….

And then this….

“Mom, help! Auntie Reba took over my bed!”

I guess five sleeping areas in the house isn’t enough for the four dogs currently in here. (*insert eye roll*)


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  1. Diana Vigneau says:

    The grass is always greener in the other dog’s bed.

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