The other student

As I mentioned last week, Cody and I started obedience class on Tuesday. The same teacher started a second class on Thursday also, which is her normal schedule. And me, being a glutton for punishment signed up for both nights. Why not drive to town two might a week for five weeks? 😉

Since she usually only has classes in the spring, I like to take advantage of them and take as many dogs as I can. She has another round of classes after these finish, but I have other things scheduled that clash with those times. If not, I might have signed up two more dogs!

So who’s our second student this spring?

Why, it’s Miss Poppy!

 First we stopped at the small dog park to let her stretch her legs and potty if she needed to.

I honestly didn’t know how she’d do. She’s still very immature and gets distracted easily. But I was pleasantly surprised how well she did at her first class!

She was inquisitive and confident, very interested in everything and everyone around her and pretty attentive. Although her nose was to the ground a lot soaking in all the smells. So I starting working on “leave it” and “watch me”. She picked up the first simple exercises really quickly.

We have a fairly large class and lots of big (and some noisy) dogs. And one big dog that seemed a bit aggressive and also got away from his owner twice! You can bet I will keep my eye on him as Poppy would make a nice snack should he want one.



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