How my brain works

When Indy’s puppies were born on a Monday, I had just lost a friend the day before. Life sucks sometimes. It was a good day to have puppies and have that distraction.

This person started out as my horse trainer and hoof trimmer years ago. That grew into a friendship. There was a small group of us that did many adventures and rides together lead by our big, loud, fearless leader. I have many great memories with and about him.

And sometimes when we have a new litter, a theme just pops in my head. Other times it takes me weeks to come up with something. Sometimes I go with a color, a food group, a tv show  or a special event that happened around when the pups were born.

So when Indy had the cream parti pup and she looked all white at birth, a character name popped in my head. And then I remembered a silly name that another friend had nicknamed our horse friend. And just like that, the litter had a theme and names almost from birth!

So at three weeks old, let me introduce you to them.

“Jasmine”~black and white

1# 12 oz @ 3 weeks

“Tinkerbell”~merle phantom parti

1# 8 oz @ 3 weeks

“Moana”~ black and white (smaller with more black)

1# 4 oz @ 3 weeks

“Snow White”~cream parti

1# 9 oz @ 3 weeks

“Ariel”~ blenheim

1# 10 oz @ 3 weeks

And if anyone was wondering, Snow White is what popped into my head after seeing our girl that I thought was initially all white. And shortly after was Tinkerbell which was our big friend’s nickname. 😉 And then I just ran with the Disney female character names to finish the group.🧚‍♂️

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  1. Ramona Mills says:

    They are all beautiful girls!!! ❤️

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