I tri-ed

Well, sometimes as puppies grow you learn more about them. And when I was taking four-week-old puppy pictures and was focusing up close to little Moana, I noticed something….

Moana is not black and white. She is actually a tricolor! How did I figure that out? I saw little patches of tan on her cheeks. The spots are small and would’ve been hard to see when she was born. And since in my mind I already had declared her black and white, I wasn’t looking for any tan at this point.

Tricolors are basically a black and white dog with tan points. Think Doberman or Rottweiler with their brown “points”; cheek patches, inside ears, eyebrows, on legs and under the tail. Now we might not see all that tan on a Cavapoo because sometimes the white covers where the tan may be.

Here you can see the little spot of tan on her cheeks and a few hairs inside her ears.

Excuse the booty shot, but she has a lot of white where the tan would normally show under her tail, but if you look close there are some light tan hairs.

And since we’re talking about colors, I wanted to talk about this beautiful girl too.

Her right eye looks like it will be mostly blue with just a spot of brown. Her left eye looks mostly brown but may have a bit of blue in it too. She’s going to look a lot like her “Aunt” Sky who is our cream parti Poodle with blue eyes.

This is Sky as a baby.

And Tinkerbell looks like she may have a bit of blue in each eye but I think mostly brown.It’s just hard to see at this point. Jasmine and Ariel look like they will have beautiful brown eyes.



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