The hardest part

Well, the hardest part of having any pet is losing them, but the second hardest part for a breeder is to say farewell to an adult they’ve raised and loved. But sometimes you have to do the hard things to make things better for the dogs. I want them to have happy, peaceful retirement years being the center of someone’s world.

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And so I said farewell to another sweet dog on Monday. Amber has found her person and I think they are a great match for each other!

Amber has always been a more reserved personality and for some reason some of the other girls like to be “mean girls” and pick on her. So ever since she was spayed and officially retired last year, I’ve been hoping and praying for a home for her (and our other retirees.)

And it finally happened! So although it’s always tough to say good-bye, I’m happy for her and her new mom. She’s going to be so loved and get all the cuddles she deserves and loves.

And if you’re new here, please don’t think we just “throw” these retired adults under the bus or that placing them in new homes is easy. Some may think it is horrible that I place my adult dogs in loving homes when they retire. I would love to keep each one forever. <3

But if I’m going to continue raising these adorable puppies for potential adopters, I have to raise more adults to be future parents. Obviously, we want our parents to have a nice life and “retire” at a nice age. So we raise some purebred Poodles and Cavaliers or keep a Cavapoo puppy occasionally to step in when those current ones are ready to retire. So there are always more dogs around then just the current parents. All those dogs require attention, grooming, love, medical care, and space. And I only have so much of each.

So I would much rather have an adult that is no longer being a parent, be spayed and retired into a home where he or she is the center of attention; a place where they will be doted on and spoiled. Where they can sleep on the couch, be part of the family activities and given all the attention they want. And I screen and place the dog into what I think sounds like the best home for that particular dog. Placing an adult dog is much harder on my heart than saying good-bye to a darling puppy.

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6 Responses to The hardest part

  1. Ramona Mills says:

    I have yet to have the privilege to meet you Jennifer, but you are an amazing breeder/person that obviously loves all your dogs with a huge heart.❤️

  2. Paula Krant says:

    My heart feels your sadness but also your joy as you find those new homes for your retired dog kids. I admire you, for the time and effort spent in finding just the right family to love and care for them. Every time you share your need for just the right home for one of your retirees, I think”could we”? Then I acknowledge that our two are plenty for us. If/or when the time comes when we lose either one of our girls, we might have to see what you’re looking for as far as a new home for one of those precious retirees. Meanwhile saying a prayer for Amber and her new mom as they adjust to one another.🙏🙏❤️❤️

  3. Peggy S. Holmaas says:

    I cannot say enough good things about Jennifer and the incredible job she does with all of these dogs. We love our Hanky so much and are so incredibly thankful to have him. He is the best puppy anyone could hope for!

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