Six weeks old!

What?! How can they be six weeks old already?

As the days and weeks pass, we (the pups and I) will be busier and busier. Now that they are upstairs, they’re getting introduced to the crate and all kinds of other things. We’ll start out with a small play area upstairs and as they grow and become more accurate with the litter box usage, we’ll expand their area of exploration. As they get older we’ll also use the kitchen for some playtime. And the weather has finally warmed up and the past few days have been gorgeous! So that means we can start introducing the girls to the great outdoors too.

And here they are for their official six weeks “portraits”.


3# 8 oz @ 6 weeks


2# 12 oz @ 6 weeks


2# 8 oz @ 6 weeks

Snow White

3# 1 oz @ 6 weeks


3# 2 oz @ 6 weeks

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