The great outdoors

We did it! We went outside. I loaded the girls up in our puppy carrying basket aka laundry basket and headed out to the garden. Thankfully the weather has been really nice so it was the perfect day to take them outside.

Meeting the big dogs on the way out.

They were a little tentative when I set the basket down on the grass. I’m sure they were thinking “where are we?” and “what is this place?!” But soon they all started to venture out, well almost all. Tinkerbell was having none of it, so I scooped her up, held her and then introduced her to the grass and surroundings. Moana, our adventurer was the first to enthusiastically go exploring. The rest happily followed.

Miss adventurer!

“I just stay here”

Sniff, sniff. “What is this stuff?”

“no, I’m fine right here”

“I’m going to get that flower!”

just chillin’

This did part of my job is “ruff”.

All five pups! Can you see Tinkerbell?

Time to go back inside for lunch.

Good-bye til next time!❤️

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2 Responses to The great outdoors

  1. Ramona Mills says:

    It is unbelievable how you get them ready for all new things!!
    You are amazing. 👍🏼 🤗☀️

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