Cuddle Pupdate

I can’t believe our only litter of Cuddle Cavapoos has turned two years old! For those who aren’t familiar with Cuddle Cavapoos, our friend and fellow Cavapoo breeder, Dorothy from Puppy Perfectionist coined the larger Cavapoos with this moniker. Instead of one parent being a mini or toy Poodle which is what is usually used to produce a Cavapoo, a small standard-sized Poodle is the mother of the litter. These pups usually end up more in the 30-45 range as adults. They are wonderful!

The reason why we haven’t had more is mostly because of size limitations in our home. You can imagine a standard Poodle and her brood take up quite a bit more space than the mini mom or a Cavalier mom.

And so I just wanted to share this short, but sweet update from one of our Cuddle families.

“Hi Jennifer,

Hope all is well with you. Woody is 2 today…can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. He continues to be super sweet and incredibly loving. He loves his walks in the park and is super friendly – he says hi to everyone he sees, humans and other dogs alike. He had a great time celebrating his birthday with a special pupcake! We love him tons. Thank you for all that you do to give your pups such an amazing start.

Regards, M”


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