Perfect timing

A friend messaged me the other day wondering if they could come visit puppies. It was a request by one of her daughters who was having a birthday today. It was perfect timing because I just thinking about inviting some of my neighborhood puppy socializers over to meet the pups!

We had a great afternoon and the pups got so much love and attention. The girls and the puppies enjoyed themselves. And the girls helped me get the eight-week-old pictures done too!




Snow White❤️


The pups had a full day between playing, napping, meeting new people and having meals in their crates (this is the second time that I found them sleeping quietly in their crates after eating when I came back upstairs to let them out of the crates. Such good girls!)

And Journey got lots of love too!


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  1. Ramona Mills says:

    Looks like everybody enjoyed that visit. 😎❤️

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