Another student

Last week dog class started again and I signed up for only one class this time. And who is our new student? Why it’s Miss Shiloh!

But before class on Thursday, I had a few stops to make. Thankfully, these are all pet-friendly places so Shiloh could go too. It’s getting to warm now to have a dog wait in a car during the daytime.

We went to two different feed stores to get supplies.

She definitely liked the loves she got and the cookies from the employees

She wasn’t too sure about riding in the cart though, although she did okay.

Then we had time to visit the dog park before class to let her run a bit and potty if she needed to. I’m not a big fan of dog parks per se, but ours is very quiet and low key. Most of the times I’ve visited we’ve been the only dog there. And ours has two sections, one for small dogs and one for large dogs. We did have a bigger dog show up in the other section while we were there and Shiloh thought she had to act ferocious at their first meeting through the fence. The other dog was very chill. (Little dogs sometimes think they’re “big” and probably why when I worked at the vet, that we  ended up stitching up many more small dogs that instigated fights).

When we got to class she was very well behaved, probably a bit intimidated by all the dogs. At home she can be a bit of a stinker!

And what was fun, was there were only about three large dogs, the rest were all small dogs. I don’t ever think I’ve seen a class like this before with this large amount of small dogs. In fact, there were two other Cavaliers! That’s a first for sure!

She did very well at class and acted like an old obedience pro! She reminds me a lot of grandpa Dickens when he went through class.

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