Puppy therapy

Yesterday was the girls check-up time at the vet. And they did amazing! Happy little tails wagging and giving out kisses to the staff that came in the room. I bet half the staff stopped by the exam room sometime while we were there to get some “puppy therapy”; snuggles and kisses. Those gals work long hours and their job can be stressful so we’re glad to share some puppy love with them. <3 And it’s a wonderful part of the socializing process for the puppies to meet the vet and staff and get lots of cuddles and love.

Potty break before loading in our crate in the truck.

Precious cargo!

We’ve arrived safely and now for another potty break before heading inside.

We’re here Dr Jessie!

Time for Jasmine’s exam

Next it was Tinkerbell

We’ll just wait here

Moana made sure the doctor got kisses

Let me out of jail!

Snow White’s turn

And last, but not least it’s Ariel’s turn

Then we headed back to the truck for another potty break before loading up and heading towards home.

All loaded up

They got some good crate practice in since I stopped to fuel up, then dropped off some recycling and drove through the bank drive-thru before making the last leg of the journey home.

And then I let them out in the garden play area for another potty break and some fun before dinner.

Ben hung out with us too.

Dinner is served outside tonight since they had a long day in the crate and driving around.

I’m coming to get you!

They played and played and finally wound down.





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