Wild animals and wild weather

We had a crazy Saturday night that thankfully turned into a special Sunday afterwards!

The sun was just setting on Saturday and I was thinking about getting started on puppy baths and the other things I needed to finish up to be ready for Puppy Delivery Day the next morning.

I was sitting on the couch with the windows open when I started to get a whiff of an unpleasant smell. It grew stronger and more vile as the culprit came closer. A strong smell of skunk wafted in the windows. Yuck!

I peered out onto the front porch and saw Cajsa drooling. Hmm….bingo! I think we figured out who the unfortunate dog was. It smelled awful everywhere but it was too warm to shut the windows. And I didn’t have time to bathe her with puppy duties awaiting me. I had to put Cajsa to bed in her crate in the garage that night which made the garage also too horrible to go into.

About that time, hubby had gone out to clean my windshield for me as it was smattered with bugs.

He soon came back inside and announced, “There’s a pack rat in your truck.” “Seriously?!” I exclaimed.

If you’re not familiar with pack rats or wood rats as they are also called, they are big rodents with rounded ears and flat fluffy tails. Kind of cute, but also very destructive. They like to steal and hoard things to collect for their nest areas. Hubby has found nests in our woodshed before with dried veggies from the garden, chicken food, big chunks of bark, and other things.

I had just driven the truck on Friday, but they can move in quickly and destroy things. So it was imperative that hubby find and capture this little nuisance. The last thing I needed was to get up early the next morning ready to head out for puppy delivery and not be able to drive my truck because the rat chewed through some wiring!

After hunting around hubby spotted the little rascal but couldn’t get to him. So he took the truck for a slow ride down the hill hoping that the bumpy, dirt driveway would shake him loose. But to no avail!

Meanwhile, I starting bathing our little sweeties and getting things ready for the morning.

Thankfully after what seemed like hours he was able to capture the little beast and move him far away from my truck…whew!

It was late when I finally went to bed.

But it didn’t seem like too long after I went to sleep that a wicked storm woke me up. (Yep, the windows were still open!) The rain poured and flashes of lightening lite up the house, followed by loud, booming thunder. And it went on and on. It would diminish for a bit and sound like it was moving further way and then it would sound very close again. This went on for what seemed like hours.

At around 3ish, my foggy brain finally realized that Ben was still outside (he likes to be out at night patrolling the property and surrounding “neighborhood” where my in-laws live). I got up, and went to the garage to let him inside. He gladly accepted my offer.

Then I tried to get some sleep as the noisy storm continued.

My five-o’clock alarm went off way too early but it was time to feed the puppies and get started with our day. Thankfully, the storm had moved on and the morning looked promising albeit still overcast.

Thankfully, the drive and the day went well and we got the girls handed off to their new, excited families after going over instructions and puppy paperwork. This is probably my favorite part of the job; personally handing puppies off to their owners. The joy, excitement and anticipation can be felt on puppy delivery morning!

Love the way these new puppy bags turned out!

So let me introduce the puppies and their new families! Two of them had come back for their second Pinewood Cavapoo! I feel so blessed to have these repeat families come back for more cuteness.

Jasmine who will keep her name.

Tinkerbell who is now Poppy. And little Poppy is going home to a Pinewood big sister, Honey!

Moana is now Lola.

Snow White is Sweetie. Sweetie has big brother Teddy waiting at home, the family’s first Pinewood pup.

And Ariel will now be called Nash.

What a fun day!

And the drive home painted a much prettier picture then the morning’s sky.

Happy life, puppies!❤️

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4 Responses to Wild animals and wild weather

  1. Ramona Mills says:

    It was a great day!!!
    We are so happy with our little Lola…❤️

  2. Oh my what a time you’ve had! Hope you get good sleeps this week.
    Years ago our dogs got skunked and the “industrial strength ” odor was SOOOO bad. We locked the dogs in the garage but our room is above the garage and we could hardly sleep because of the smell. To this day my olfactory senses remember it!
    Your perspective and good humor to make the best of it through times like this shine through.
    I love reading about your days.

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