Little pupdates

I checked in with our newly adopted puppy families to make sure everyone got home okay and got some nice responses on how the puppies did!

“Great to finally meet you as well!!  Thank you for everything you do😘

“Good morning Jennifer,

It was so very nice to meet you as well. As my husband says, what you do is amazing and how you do it.
We had a great ride home. Lola did cry a little in her crate, but settled down quickly.
Was not interested in food much but drink a little water. This morning she ate a whole quarter cup of food and seems to be settling in real well.
She is so very smart and seems to have picked up on her new name.
Thank you for preparing all the pups for all of us lucky families.

We love her so much❤️

“Aww my sweet angel! I love her so much already. She honestly did so well on her travel day – slept the whole flight, no accidents and went potty in the litter box in my trunk as soon as we got to it.

She’s made herself quite comfortable at home and is settling in well. We were up every couple of hours to go to the bathroom but so far no accidents which is a nice start. Thanks so much for bringing us to the hotel yesterday and for giving us a great start together!”

“It’s going great!! Poppy is a tough cookie!
4 hours of sleep 😴 and they are back asleep now of course. So cute 🥰
We love them together!!
Thanks Jennifer! You raise absolute Gems!!!!!!! ❤️ ”

“Hi Jennifer!

I’ll let MJ respond to you after school as well, but just wanted to let you know Sweetie made it home safe & sound and has had a very big first day! The entire family loves her to pieces already, and I have a feeling Teddy will be the over-protective older brother 😂



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