A gaited community

Well, we live in a gated community now. Hubby says it’s a “compound”. I don’t care what he calls it, I’m just glad it’s finally done!

I come up with “ideas” but sometimes it takes years before hubby agrees with them or implements them. 😉

We have three nice, big fenced yards for the little dogs; a boy yard and a girl yard off the dog house. Then there is backyard which we access from the house for the dogs currently in the house.

But every once in a while I forget to close the main gate (or latch it completely) which I use to go into the girl yard and the dog house before I let dogs out to potty. And you should see the dogs when they figure the gate isn’t secured. It’s mayhem as several dogs exit at breakneck speed and go a half dozen different directions. Some just run around out front of the house, check the front porch, sneak in the garage if the door is open or run to the chicken pen. Those are not my main concern. It’s the ones that would instantly scurry into the horse pen to search for “road apples” or head off down the driveway to visit my neighbors (which thankfully is just my SIL). One stomp from a curious horse would be a broken leg on a Cavalier sized dog, or much worse. Plus, I’ve had trouble with Cajsa (our German Shepherd) taking to many long walk-abouts in the woods lately and being gone too long. So she’s been contained on a cable in the yard (I don’t like tying dogs up, but I don’t like losing them either) or in the dog yard.

So hubby has been dutifully chipping away at this “To-Do” list on totally enclosing the rest of the “yard”. You see, the rest of the yard around the house, yard, driveway and horse enclosure were just fenced for horses with three strands of wire. It keeps horses in fine, but dogs can obviously scooch right under that bottom strand.

First he did the front of the horse pen and the side from the gate to the barn. Then he added the gate to block off the opening at the end of the dog house.

The next section was behind the barn and towards the driveway.

Then he did the back section off to the side of the house from the end of the chicken pen to where it connects with the backyard.

And finally, the other day he put the gate posts and gates in, along with the small sections connecting them to the garden and the pasture fence.

And lastly, he added a small piece of wire at the bottom of the horse gate so the little dogs couldn’t get under it.

And now I’ve got the organic lawnmowers turned out in the “compound”. Thanks, hubby!


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