The oldest and the youngest

This past week we had another vet appointment. And it just dawned on me that it was with our oldest dog and our youngest dog!

Reba, “The Queen” went in for a check-up. (Reba turns twelve in July). Reba was one of our Poodle moms who has long since retired. I bought her from a breeder as a young adult and she proved to be a wonderful mother and part monkey! This ten pound dog (she gained a pound since her last vet visit) can climb any wire fence! And so she became a house dog so I could keep track of her. And wrapped herself around my heart. She sleeps with me at night and if I happen to go on a trip (which rarely happens) she doesn’t eat for a few days, then finally caves in and decides my hubby will have to do until “mom” gets home.

And sweet, silly Journey is our youngest dog who also went in to get his first rabies vaccine which is required for obedience class. Because I’m a gluten for punishment 😛 I have now signed up for the final class of this summer. I’ll start that class in June with Journey. Currently his sister Shiloh is going through class.

And of course, they were both perfect patients at the clinic, although the younger one was a bit wiggly for his exam. 😉

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