I don’t usually like to make announcements before things are confirmed, but I though you all might like to know what’s in the works around here and what might possibly be coming in regards to more Cavapoo puppies.

Like I said, these are not confirmed pregnancies yet, but we’ve had a couple “weddings”. *wink

If these girls are pregnant, puppies will be arriving fairly close together sometime between the first and middle part of July. ‘Cause, the girls like to cycle together of course!

It will be a first litter for our sweet Poppy girl. She was bred to the fence-climbing wonder boy, Sundae. So these would be F1 Cavapoos. Poppy is a mismarked (because she has a lot of white) ruby Cavalier. Sundae is a cream parti (white coat with cream spots). This means we could could get parti pups like Blenheim or apricot/cream spots on a white body or we could get solids with white chests, faces, feet, etc like Poppy. Colors should all be in the red/apricot color scheme. I can’t wait to see what these two have together!

The next litter would be an F1b litter between Sally (our only guardian dog that lives with my SIL). Sally has got to be one of the sweetest dogs on the planet! No joke, she loves every person she’s ever met. We did a repeat of her other litter because the pups were just amazing. So she was bred to spunky little Bonus! They had three apricots and one black and tan last time.

Here are Sally & Bonus’ darling babies at five weeks and all grown from their Instagram pages in the same order.


Also, just a note, our waiting list is open and applications are on our website for anyone interested in applying to get on our waiting list. At this point, we have no plans to close it (unless I get totally bombarded with a ton of applications all at once!) Here is a link with more information.

Getting a Pinewood puppy…*START HERE*

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