Can I ask a favor?

Reposting this in case anyone missed it! I’ve gotten several updates, but more would be even better! 😀

Calling all Pinewood families! I’m asking for a favor, pretty please!

I’m actually going to be taking some time off this month to do a few things with my family before our next litter/s arrive. So I’ll be on a social media break and not available by email or phone. BUT, before I’m off, I would love to schedule some blog posts to keep you all entertained!

That’s where you, my Pinewood people come in to help me out! If you would like to share an update on your dog or dogs (because I know some of you have more than one Pinewood pup) would you please send me an email with a little update and good picture or two of your dog that I could share in a “Pupdate” blog post.

It doesn’t matter if you just got a puppy or if you have a Cavalier, a Poodle, a Cavapoo or an Aussalier or one of our retirees! We love to hear how they’re doing. Just write a little paragraph about what they’re up to, what they’re learning, adventures they’ve been on or how much you love them. *wink* I need more than one sentence please to make it interesting. Feel free to brag if you love your pup!

The sooner you email me the better (within the next five to six days, please!) so I can get organized on the blog before I sign off for my “family time”. I would really appreciate it! Thank so much!!

Journey picture for cuteness ❤️

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