Class continues

Shiloh and I continue with dog class each week. Usually we’re at the fairgrounds for class, but for one session the instructor likes to have class downtown in the city center. This is a small town. I remember when there was only one stoplight. Now we have two stoplights and two round-abouts (that people still can’t figure out….*insert eye roll). We work along the main road with is technically a state highway also so it stays pretty busy. The teacher loves when we have distractions like loud trucks or a bunch of motorcycles drive by while we’re practicing.

But last week we trained part of the time in the rain. The sky was beautiful and blue with fluffy white clouds, but there was also a storm cloud in the mix, which dropped on us throughout class. And we had a beautiful rainbow show to watch too!

We usually walk a big loop along the sidewalk for a couple blocks and practice sits, downs and stays throughout the walk, but since it was raining intermittently we stuck close to the courtyard “home base” and worked under the awnings in front of some nearby stores.

The teacher also has us take our dogs around the sculpture in the middle of town. Some dogs are a bit intimidate by these large, unmoving strange looking “humans'”.

Shiloh didn’t seem to mind and even climbed on the dedication stone. Silly girl!

It was a fun class even with the rain and Shiloh did great. I just need to work on her “down” command more.


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