I’ll get it myself

Journey was looking around for toys the other day and I realized I only had a couple our for him. The box of toys was on top of a crate (that Hope normally naps in all day) in the dining area. But instead of picking through and grabbing a couple I thought he might like, I decided to let him pick for himself. 😉

“I’ll just do it myself, mom!”❤️

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4 Responses to I’ll get it myself

  1. Laura M Morlok says:

    Gotta love a determined Cav! LOL So cute.

  2. Diana Vigneau says:

    My (four) dogs all pick for themselves. Heidi, the play-a-holic Cavapoo actually jumps into the outdoor covered toy boxes (and more than once the cover has closed on top of her!). They all seem to know exactly which toy they want and they turn their nose up if you offer them something different. And it’s inconsistent day to day exactly which one they want. Very funny.

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