Another week

Another week of dog class is in the books! Shiloh continues to learn and develop in her obedience skills.

Seeing if she needs to potty before class, but all she wanted to do was eat the grass. She does get a bit carsick on the way to class (nothing major, she just drools a bit).

Saying “hi” to my friend.

“This cool grass feels so good on my tummy!”

Time to get to work!

Practicing going up and downstairs preparing (with beside or behind the handler and not pulling or pushing). We use the grandstand seating at the fairgrounds so we also walk across the benches.

Let’s go through the pig barn. There ought to be lots of new smells and thing to distract the dogs in there. The dogs need to learn to ignore distractions and stayed attentive to their handlers.

Learning to ignore other dogs as we pass each other or sit by each other.

Doing some fun things mixed in with obedience skills.

Just having out after class.

And before we left for the evening we went to hang out at the arena and watch the 4H kids practice with their horse.

Coming soon! The last class and graduation pics.

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