My pigpen

Do you all remember the Peanuts character, Pig-Pen? The little boy who sometimes walked around with a cloud of dust around him?

Well, I have my own version. *wink*

The Queen bee aka Reba is mostly a couch potato during the day. Sometimes if the sun is shining in through the French doors in the dining area she likes to lay there too. And sometimes she asks to go outside, not to potty (she rarely goes out to potty except for her designated morning break and after dinner break to relieve herself. This girl’s got amazing bladder control! )

She will go outside and sun herself. She’ll just lay in the grass or sometimes the warm dirt when the day is warm and cozy. And of course, with that comes rolling. Ahh..lets’ roll in this lovely grass (or whatever green vegetation is actually growing in my backyard) or better yet let’s roll in the bare patches that are just dirt! REBA!

And then when she’s doing with her sunbathing she come back to the door and demands (oh, I mean asks nicely *wink*) to come back inside.

But now she’s covered in dirt and dry grass/weeds. Thankfully hubby has the perfect solution.

I scoop her up and head to the garage where hubby dutifully grabs the air hose from the compressor and gently blows all the junk and dirt off the queen before she’s allowed back in the house and to “her” couch for more napping!


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