There was no pomp and circumstance

But we ended Shiloh’s obedience class with a lot of fun and activities just the same!

Her last night was more practice to get ready for the CGC (Canine Good Citizenship Test) which will be held later this summer. And we did some fun things too!

But before class I had some running around to do. Shiloh “helped” me go shopping.

And we had time to go explore the dog park again before class

Waiting our turn at class

This big boy Doodle was so enthralled with Shiloh. She put up with his nosiness for a while, but finally told him to “back off, Jack!”

Time for some agility fun at the end of class.

Ta-Dah! All done!


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  1. Ramona Mills says:

    Congratulations, Shiloh….👍🏼🐶❤️

    I am going to try and get Lola in a puppy class!

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