We’re taking some time off the internet and social media to do some family activities this month. Thankfully, this will be the start of many updates or pupdates as we like to call them that will be posting  on the blog while we’re off! So grateful for all our puppy families that have graciously shared their stories and photos!

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Enzo aka Acorn came home 2.5 years ago now. He is a healthy 26 pounds of mostly muscle as he really enjoys going on trail runs, chasing birds, and snuggling! He has started agility training recently and loves climbing on things. I can’t speak more highly of his character and what he means to me and the whole neighborhood as he is an icon that brightens everyone’s day when he goes to greet them with his smile and tail wagging!

Enzo was Acorn from Gracie & Clancy’s fall 2020 litter


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